Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blythe Necklace

Blythe Necklace
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Oh No! I am one of those... Yes, sadly I have jumped onto the Blythe bandwagon. I even paid a nice $150 for my first doll. Crazy right??? Well after looking at so many cool photo shoots with these adorable little dolls I have decided that I need one. Not want one but really need one. I have already started collecting clothes and accessories for her and she hasn't even arrived yet. Luckily I am good at altering Barbie clothes so I am saving a fortune by hitting the thrift shops and buying big bags of Barbie clothes for about $1.99 per bag. Not bad huh? Anyway today's addition to my blog is this super cute Hello Kitty necklace that I made for my doll's welcome to the family gift. Mind you I will not be treating this doll like a human and becoming one of those crazy doll ladies. I am just looking forward to the artistic side of this hobby. The photo shoots are going to rock! Don't judge me.


Casper said...

good luck and have fun. I will not be gettinginto this with you. The dolls scare me a little. Love you

Lori said...

lol, I just love the photo shoots people do. LOL Love you too.